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Movie Review :Kahaani (Hindi)(2012)

Movie Review: Kahaani     ∞ The Mother of all Stories  **** 1/2 Rating

Theatre Release : 9 March 2012
Language: Hindi
Direction: Sujoy Ghosh
Label: Boundscript Motion Pictures
Genre: Drama
Viewers Group: U/A (recommended for everyone)

The Critique Lab Score Board
AVA Score:                          : 9.29 (Max 10)
AVA Medal Honor™©      : ȫ PLATINUM
Recommendation Level  :   Must (Read Review)
( ȫ BRONZE Medal  ȫ SILVER Medal ȫ Titanium Medal ȫ GOLD Medal ȫ PLATINUM Medal)
(L-low   M-medium   H-high  M-must))

The opening scene of the movie starts with a white rat trying to jump over a glass box trying to escape from the ‘uncertainty’ and the audience sitting over there becomes ‘certain’ that this Kahaani is not going to be regular bollywood watch they were expecting from teasers or poster but a movie which give another reason to the moviegoers so soon to celebrate Indian cinema after Paan Singh Tomar.

The story revolves around three main characters first, Vidya Baghi (Vidya Balan) who has arrived in Kolkata(India) to find her missing husband Arnab Bagchi (Indraneil Sengupta) who  arrived in India few months back on an assignment in National Database. Second, Satyaki  aka Rana ( Parambrata Chatterjee) who acted as a real guide /Sarathi of Vidya Bagchi to find out her husband and third the city Kolkata itself without which  this Kahaani cannot take off nor die.

Sujoy Ghosh , the architect of the Kahaani has placed each brick of the story well in place from the start to the end. He was very clear to shock the audience by the surprise factor of the climax and the story itself which seems simple as a story of a pregnant woman in search of her husband but having several layers of excitement, suspense and thrill beneath it which does not deteriorate the theme of the story but gets beautiful as it progress.  The screenplay team and writers deserves an absolute standing ovation to put each thing logical, digestible and well in place where no doubt comes in mind at the end of the story about occurrence or non occurrence of any event except the focus on the child with a bag in the metro in the initial scenes, May be Sujoy want to create an curiosity factor by the same. Sujoy work would be appreciated for the precision he has shown in delivering the  film and making Kolkata live on the screen.

The best  part of the movie is characterization . There were many guest appearances and all worth for praise. Hardly have we acknowledged any movie where more than five guest appearances made their presence felt in less than2 hour story.  From Inspector Chatterjee, running hot water lad, Guest house receptionist, police informer, NDB HR ,the sweet murderer and Milan Damji all felt their presence felt because all were connected well with the story no matters what’s the length of their roles.

 A word for Saswata Chatterjee who has played Bob Biswas or as I said sweet murderer; you will hardly found out an evil character like this in other movies. He smile, introduced himself truly & honestly and then Shoot his prey.  Simple but perfectly executed task.

And Our Vidya or Bidya Bagchi …Well whether its V for Victorious or B for Bold & Beautiful She proved again…She delivered again with perfection : A story of a mother or a Mother of all stories.

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